Thursday, July 10, 2014

Inside and Out

Some time ago, I already scolded at my American friends, for not warning me for a very dangerous store called: TJ Maxx. Especially, if you live only five minutes away from one, and about 20 minutes away from another. I would go there, because I really need new flip flops, for example. But coming home... let's just say, it turned out there were much more things I needed... at least at that moment ;-). And to make matters worse, they also sell hippo-mugs. Only once in a while though... and it seems to differ from store to store, whether they will have a certain item or not. So, regular hippo-mug-checks must be done! Isn't this the most wonderful excuse to visit any TJ Maxx store, any time? A very important task, as this hippo-mug proves. It does not matter from what angle you look at it, front, back and bottom, all perfect. 


But the little hippo on the inside makes this mug the ultimate hippo-mug. There is a slight chance, you might forget about hippos and hippo-happiness from the time you pick up your mug, till the moment you put it down. At least now, WHILE you are drinking, this little fellow is making sure there is no way that could happen, not on his watch!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


A few posts ago, I mentioned a flea market in Connecticut, called Elephant's Trunk. It takes place every Sunday during the "flea market season" (see post: Hippo Dinner Bell). I love going there, mainly to hunt for hippos of course. I saw an antique one, made of paper mache. Luckily, I did not fall in love with that one. He looked nice, but not "two-hundred-and-fifty-USD" nice. Almost at the end of the day, I found this planter, I did fall in love with. "You can have it for ten bucks" sounded perfect to me. How could I resist such a sweet face?

When I came home, I saw the maker's name written at the bottom: Anthony. So I decided to give him the same name. Further more, no date was written, only that he is made in the USA. After I made a few photos, I almost felt guilty. Don't you agree he looks like he wants to say: "was that really necessary to take pictures? Does everybody has to know, I am just a planter?" "Yes! Sorry Anthony... you are just looking way too cute, not to be shown on my blog!"