Thursday, October 29, 2015


For those of you familiar with my blog, know that the people of the Hopewell Antiques Center, are keeping an eye out for me for anything hippo (See posts: Hopewell Junction's Four and Hopewell's Belle). A few months ago, I received another call. They had found a few hippos. Upon arrival, Diane told me: "I found this one, but when I came home I saw it had a little boo-boo, so you probably would not like to have it. It's yours if you want it, you don't have to pay for it... Maybe you can fix it. Sorry, I just did not see it". All I saw was this adorable hippo girl with pink toes (for the Toe-Police: Yes, four on each foot!) and a pink flower, smiling at me. She does have a little crack, indeed. Only visible if you turn her upside down, and look on the inside. This handmade piece (signed: Cotilla) was coming home with me... crack and all, it was just too cute to leave behind. It is sitting on a shelf, and every time I see it, I remember Diane's remark, about her having a boo-boo.... so that's what I decided to call her. I have not repaired her yet. Maybe she is not meant to be fixed.... her name is Boo-Boo for a reason, no?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Paris, Je t'aime!

You might recognize this post's title as the title of a French film, released in 2006. The film has nothing to do with hippos, but I thought it reflects my feelings best. I have visited this city many times, and I never get tired of it. And of course, the best place to be at night is Trocadero - Palais de Chaillot. To see the Eiffel Tower, obviously. But to me it is also the best place to people watch! Anything from wedding parties, to loud music bands and crazy tourist... you will see them there. This photo is taken, right after a Mexican couple made their "crazy-faces-selfies" and right before some giggling elderly Japanese ladies created their souvenirs. It took the rest of the night to convince Leo, the ladies thought he was cute... but since I do not speak Japanese, Leo does not trust or believe me. Oh well, never mind Leo, just turn around and look at those lights... don't you just love Paris?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pygmy Premiere

This is not the first Pygmy on my blog (see post: Pygmy Power), but a first pygmy figurine. It comes with an entertaining story. We were strolling around a huge open air flea market, and because all family members were looking for different things, at some point we split up. Suddenly my daughter and I spotted this cute baby pygmy figurine (Pygmy Hippo, Fine Porcelain - Lenox - Smithsonian Institute 1993). Although very cute, I decided not to buy it. I am collecting Nile hippos... not the pygmy ones. When we all met up, my daughter immediately belted out " You know, mom saw a Pygmy, but she didn't buy it, but it was soooo cute, so she has to buy it.... and it was only 10 USD." The reply of my husband: "I have never seen any of those ever, so I think you should get it." I was stunned. My family, normally grumbling and making faces, any time I see or want to buy a hippo, is now urging me to buy this one? Another first :-). So, off I went... and returned with the in newspapers wrapped Pygmy. At this moment, it sits next to my computer monitor, as I feel I can't put it in between the Nile ones... but I also can't put it far away, as I get more and more attached to it, each day. I don't know whether this is the start of something... all I know it started with something very sweet!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


An enabler is a person who helps somebody with his or her collection. An example of "collectors jargon" that interestingly enough, can't be translated in my mother tongue. Even Google Translate does not come up with anything. I had to think about this, because this sweet little hippo (measuring about 2 inch (6 cm) ), found its way to my collection, all the way from Mallorca. I could say it was given to me by an enabler, but I have to be more precise. It was given to me by an enabler of an enabler... made me wonder how you would call those? "Secondary Enablers?" The sister of my dear friend Marius spotted this cutie, while on holiday. She gave it to him, and he shipped it (together with loads of chocolate and sugary sprinkles) to me. When I called to thank him, he started to complain. "Whenever I see a store or vendor, selling something with animals, I simply have to check whether there is a hippo". Being brainwashed and suffering from deteriorating, and gravely impacted sanity, are his claims. I hope he did not expect a sympathetic ear, as all I could do is laugh!

Dear Eefje, I am sorry, it seems your brother has infected you with this "looking for anything hippo" disease... No cure has been found yet, but I promise you, occasional moments of hippo-happiness, will be very much worth it. Thank you so much for your present. And as tradition dictates, she is called after you.