Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Special Interest Groups can be seen as different universes, light-centuries away from anything else. Ever felt intimidated by those "experts"? They usually exchange in-depth knowledge and the latest trends at lightning speed, while leaving mere "simple folks" lost and far behind in clouds of jargon and inside jokes. A very different story from the International Hippopotamus Association. Not intimidating at all, and its "experts" ;-) are specialized in making Newbies feel warmly welcomed and at home. I have to admit, it took me some time to understand the "NHC" mentioned in messages to the group. Also "Jen-Pos" seemed to be worth fighting for? (now I understand... and I am a proud owner of one (without having to fight though ;-)). But "Exchange-Pos" remained a mystery for quite some time... Until that enlightening message came: who wants to participate in the "Hippo-X-mas-Gifts-Exchange"? Aha! And of course I would. Dear Brenda, thank you for being my Secret Santa, giving me my first and very cute looking "Exchange-Pos" (only one photographed). Can't wait to participate again next year. To you and the rest of the bloat: Merry Christmas and a Hippo New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hippo Egg Holder

In a shop very close to my house, they sell all sorts of egg holders. Very cute looking ceramic chickens and ducks. I can see the connection with eggs..., they also sell pigs, cows and sheep (ceramic too, but looking less cute, to my taste...). I thought about those a bit longer, and decided the connection with eggs must be a "farm-theme-thing". Of course they also have elephants. The elephant is the national animal and symbol of Thailand and it would be strange if they hadn't had those. So, for tourists wanting a Thai souvenir for their breakfast table at home, an elephant egg holder seems (sort of) logical. A long introduction, leading to the presentation of my one and only Hippo Egg Holder. I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea how I got it. I am sure I did not find it in a shop, as I would have bought more... what to do with only one egg holder? My guess is that I found it at a flea market... maybe abandoned by somebody, once collecting egg holders? Still thinking about the connection with eggs... suggestions, anybody?? :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another Hippo-Mug

Everybody who knows me, knows I need to have my coffee(s) in the morning.... The perfect way to start the day for me is reading the newspaper while sipping hot black coffee from a Hippo-Mug. A few years ago, I saw this mug in a department store in Jakarta, Indonesia. When I saw my favorite mug (see post: Mother of All Hippo-Mugs), I forgot to buy a spare one. Since then, whenever I see a Hippo-Mug, I always (if possible) buy two, one for daily use and one for my collection. As you can see, it has a fishing hippo on one side and two swimming ones on the other. I do not know what the designer of this mug was thinking... as hippos are vegetarian, and do not eat fish.... must be fishing for fun then? And the "upside-down" one, looks like he is imitating a duck.... but one can't be too critical or picky, as Hippo-Mugs are not easy to find, especially cute ones like this one!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hippo Bowls

Living in different countries is a very special experience. A wonderful chance to see many places, get to know different cultures and meet new people. Of course it can be difficult sometimes, missing family and friends back home, frustrations because of miscommunications and friends who move away, or are left behind. A few years ago, we met a couple in Jakarta, Indonesia. After living there for a very long time, they were going back to The Netherlands. One day, this lady comes up to me and says "I heard you are collecting hippos, I have two hippo bowls I do not want to take with me, would you like to have them?" Of course I did not say "No" to that! So, like the other "privately-owned-hippos" (see posts: Antonia and Elmo and Diana and Raymond) these bowls are very special to me. Dear Dieke, thank you again for these wonderful "surprise-hippo-bowls" and a very fond memory. As I do not have any contact with you or your family anymore, I hope all is well, and maybe someday, you will stumble on my blog....