Friday, March 18, 2016

Hot Hippo

Last year, my parents in law visited "De Kaarsenmakerij", what would translate into "The candle makers store" in a historic town in The Netherlands, called Buren. Much to their delight, they came upon this beautifully hand crafted candle. Since they have known me already for a long time, they are always on the look out for hippos. The internet has made it easier to find hippos on line, but the occasions where you bump into one in a store or at a market, are still rather rare. Their story about their excitement sounded all too familiar, and still makes me smile. It was a perfect Christmas present, lighting up the occasion. But, I feel any day would be a little brighter with a lighted hippo :-).

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Actually, the real name for the newest addition to my collection should have been: I-am-very-very-sorry-I-missed-your-birthday-hippo. My husband had to travel for work to Zimbabwe. Needless to say, he had to bring back a hippo (or two). He would be away in the week before my birthday, but arrive the morning of my birthday, in time to join for a birthday lunch or dinner. The office in Zimbabwe had planned a meeting around 4pm on departure day. My husband said that he could not make it because he thought he had to fly at 5pm.

Not to worry, the staff assured him. They checked and his flight was leaving at 9:30pm, more than enough time and he didn't bother to double check himself... So the work continued.... and while in the taxi at 7pm, on the way to the airport in Harare, my husband took a closer look at his ticket... only to find out that his flight was indeed leaving at 9:30pm..... his connecting flight at Johannesburg. He should have been on the 5pm flight out of Zimbabwe to be able to catch that flight in South Africa. So he had to turn around, and rebook his tickets and stay another day. Leaving him with enough time to buy an "I-am-very-sorry-hippo". While looking at this hippo, I thought he looks a bit like our cat... grey, little bit overweight and very cute... so, therefore he is named after him.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kiss the Cook

For a very long time, I did not know about the existence of Hippo-Christmas-Tree-Ornaments. When I started collecting hippos, it was difficult to find anything hippo... let alone in the form of a Christmas tree ornament. A lot has changed since then. Now, I own several very pretty ones. Last year Christmas, another one found its way to me. It combines many things I love: hippos, Christmas and cooking. Dear Sheila, thank you so much for arranging the perfect gift. At the moment it is safely stored, together with all the other Christmas decorations. I will have to wait till Christmas, to see it again.... or I can just look at this post on my blog. Just looking at this picture makes me smile... who wouldn't want to kiss this cook?