Friday, December 27, 2013

The Motherload

Like last year, I participated in the Christmas-Hippo-Gift-Exchange (see posts: Exchange-(Hip)Pos and Keep Out?). Both packages arrived nicely on time. Very happy with that, because now I did not have to worry about ending up without hippo-presents on Christmas. On the other hand, not happy at all, because it was a tough exercise in self-control, I could hear both boxes scream: "OPEN ME!" But that would have made me fly off to the "Naughty List" for sure ;-). Dear Brenda and Carol (Hippo Annie), thank you so much for being my "Secret Santas" this year. I have been spoiled rotten, and as you can see, it was like discovering "The Motherload" of Hippos under the tree. Or should I say, Hippoload?

To all my Hippo-Friends and fellow Hippo-Lovers, I am wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Hippo 2014!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Just before we moved, my dear friend did not give one, but two of these hippo-head-cake-pans to me. Our shipment was already on its way, so these were hand carried to a new oven, on the other side of the world. My friend told me that she and her sons spotted a large basket with animal-head-cake-pans in a department store. They turned the basked up side down... looking for hippos, only to find two. They were a bit disappointed, but they should not have been. The fact that they found one, is already precious to me, not to mention two. I have not made any hippo-head-cakes yet, but I will do so very soon. Dear Divya, thank you for introducing me to hippo-head-cake-pans, I did not know they exist. I knew about hippo-cookie-cutters... this was a very nice surprise to me! I am still missing you so very much. But also very grateful that our paths have crossed. I know we will find ways to see each other, no matter where we will live. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kissing Hippos

As I was roaming around in one of my favorite shopping malls in Bangkok (JJ Mall), a funny looking black and white cow drew my attention, and pulled me into a tiny shop full of animal paintings. Not long after, I was ordering a large painting with eight hippos (see post: Hippo Night Watch). While discussing the details, this cow kept staring at me, making me wonder whether they would make a hippo. Of course they would! After a few weeks, I came back to pick up my painting, and my funny looking "cow-look-alike-hippo", who turned out to be orange, like all the hippos in the painting. Then, I saw another hippo (purple) on the ground... next to the cow, that started  it all. "What? You made two hippos?" How could I leave the shop, knowing there was still another hippo left... so I ended up going home with a large painting, and TWO "cut-out-of-hard-board" hippos. I convinced myself, I would find a place for all of them... The purple one had a tail, a bit too tiny for my taste, so that was being fixed on the spot. I did not have the idea about them kissing when I saw them in the shop, but when I had to hang them.... there seemed to be no better way... At the moment they are still packed and stored, as we have moved, and I do not have the space to display them, but who knows, in our next home they will be touching each other again... kissing (or about to...) like in this photo, or maybe switch them around so they will be "touching butts" for a change ;-).

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hippo Baby Bank

Time for some "hippo-cuteness" after these last two scary posts. Let me introduce you to the second Hippo-Bank on my blog (first one, see post: Marius), my one and only Hippo-Baby-Bank. Unfortunately, not much I can say about this, as I have no idea how I got it. All I know is that I have had it for a long time already.

What? Don't you think my back is cute? OK, what about the front then?