Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hippo Behinds

As I already shared with you in the post: Happy (hippo) Feet, I must have a zillion pictures of every part of the hippo. During one of my visits to the Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta - Indonesia), the hippo mum Dania and the hippo dad Jacky were outside, eating some dried grass, but then went inside to have their fresh vegetables and fruits. When they walked away, I took a million shots of them.... it was such a lovely sight... the two of them "waggling" away together... I love this picture for several reasons. For the fact that you can see their tails very clearly. Some people asked me about how hippo tails look like. They have funny looking tails, but I find it a bit difficult to describe them properly. No better way than to show a picture! Another reason is the fact that you can see the sole of a hippo's foot. In this shot, Jacky is just lifting his leg.... letting me capture the underside of four cute looking toes. And last but not least.... not having one but TWO hippo behinds in one shot... is just hippo-terrific!

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