Thursday, November 29, 2012


For those of you, not familiar with the concept of "Hippo-Game", I will try to explain it. It is a game, played during the Annual International Hippopotamus Convention. Participants will have to bring a hippo-present, and all are put together. When you "win" during the Hippo-Bingo (not the actual Hippo-Game, just to get things started), you have to shout: "Hippo!" and chose any of the hippo-gifts (not the one you brought, of course), the Hippo-Bingo continues until everybody has a gift. Now, the Hippo-Game can begin! One by one, all the participants have to unwrap their hippo-gift, show it to the group and tell who brought it. Then the second part of the game starts... the exciting part! A name is drawn from a bag, and that person can decide to keep his or her present, or change ("steal") it for any other gift in the room. As you can imagine.... emotions flew high, as some gifts were very popular, and changed owner many times. When I opened my present, I loved it right away, as I had been looking for a "bling-bling-hippo" for a long time. I have seen bling-bling-ant-eaters, bling-bling-armadillos, bling-bling-cockroaches but no hippos.... so I was very, very happy! Then it got "stolen", but luckily my name came up later, so I could "steal" it back (still feel sorry Richard, but you started it! ;-)). Dear Maryann, thank you for bringing this wonderful gift. I think your name suits her perfectly!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Time for another "First"! This summer, my friend Marius gave me my first Hippo Bank. He found it at a flea market. Before moving abroad, we would go to flea markets together. Still miss those "Flea-Market-Hippo-Hunts" very much. When he gave it to me, he (although a little bit reluctantly) admitted that he found it "kind of cute" (as he does not consider hippos to be cute at all). That was very funny! Not one of all the hippos (and one rhino! ;-)) he gave to me, is named after him, but when I saw this guy, I knew: this must be "The Marius"! I thought it would be cool to take a picture with the towers of the financial district of Bangkok in the background, as he looks a little bit like a banker. Dear Marius, although this Hippo Bank is empty, it makes me feel very rich looking at it... as your friendship is priceless to me. Thanks a million!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pandora's Hippo

The only thing left in Pandora's box after she opened it, was the Spirit of Hope called Elpis. One would think this has not much to do with hippos, but it does a little bit. Pandora in this post is, of course, the name of a famous jewelry company. Their products come in beautiful boxes, but unlike the one Pandora got, you are encouraged to open them. And when you do, you do not unleash the evils of the world, but you are treated with some of their wonderful creations.... like this bracelet with hippo-charms! As I am a "Human Magpie" (Magpies are birds known to be drawn to shiny objects), I have combined 10 hippo-charms with a lot of pink bling-bling-charms. My favorite piece of hippo-jewelry, for sure! Unfortunately, the company discontinued the production of this particular charm. So it is true. Also in my box of Pandora the Spirit of Hope is left.... hope that the company will change its mind, and make them again. The world needs much more hippo-charms!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Little Hippos

Three little hippos..... coming from Kenya! A few weeks ago, my husband had to go to Kenya, to attend some workshops. "Don't even think about coming back home WITHOUT any hippos!" I told him.... not that he would ever do that, but just in case ;-)! During the weekend he and two colleagues spend some time outside Nairobi, at Lake Sopa Resort, to enjoy Kenyan wildlife. Before checking in, he almost bumped into a giraffe, which was blocking the entrance.... just nibbling on some juicy leaves. During the night hippos were grazing in the garden, making an awful lot of noise... waking him up a few times! The hotel itself was decorated with enormous hippo statues.... no chance of bringing those home! Luckily the hotel shop has many handmade "normal sized" hippos for sale. It does not happen often that my husband is "spoilt for choice" when buying hippos... but this time he was. During that weekend he also arranged for a large hippo to be made, especially for me. I will write about that hippo, soon. Wanted to share these three beauties with all of you, first!