Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lady in Red

Another title for this post could have been: From Russia with love, because this beauty actually comes all the way from Russia. I love Hippo-Trinket-Boxes. Hippos and bling-bling, it does not get better than that! For years I have been looking and looking... but was not able to find any. Then I won one in a Hippo-Game (see post: Maryann). I never suspected many more would follow, all presents from my dear friends. Last Christmas, my family has been spoiled rotten again by them. And I did not get one, but two trinket boxes. I am sure I will be able to remember when I got this one, and who gave it to me, as red is the color of Christmas and this friend has "red" hair :-). I also love this particular shade of red very much... so "Lady in Red" it is! Dear Sheila and John, thank you so much for making us all feel special and loved. We must have done something good in previous lives, to deserve your friendship. We'll see you soon! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hopewell Junction's Four

A few days ago, I decided to check out the Hopewell Junction Antique Center (NY). I heard about it from a lovely lady called Terry, who owns a shop there called: Terry's Treasures. The building is a large house, where many sellers have their space. Four floors filled with small shops, the perfect place for a good treasure hunt. As always, I am hunting for hippos. And as every hunter knows: sometimes you're lucky, and sometimes not so much. This time, I was very lucky! Finding four hippos. Actually, I found three of them, and I was already very happy. To the cashier lady it was pretty obvious that I like hippos. So, she went into a shop and a few seconds later she said "I have found a Pewter one, with a violin!" So that was the number four. First I saw the bit funny looking one (right) made of clay, somewhere tucked between some other animals on a shelf. The larger metal paper weight (Dansk design, made in Japan) was the second one I found, in a display cabinet. And the third (the cute couple in the front) I found near the register, on a table also in the middle of a lot of other animals (Unite Design, "Itty Bitty World" collection, 1986). I am sure this group will be split up (sorted by style, material and size), when I will display my collection properly, but for now, I will keep them together. This sweet cashier lady Diane promised me to give me a call, whenever another hippo comes in. So who knows the "Hopewell Junction's Four" will get some company some day...

(See comments: Yes Donkey & Baby Bird Hippo, I did polish away! ;-))

Thursday, March 13, 2014


A long time ago, I decided NOT to buy any hippo-soft-toys anymore... and then it happened. Waiting for the lady at Barns and Noble to give me my receipt, I see the cutest ballerina hippo ever, displayed on a shelf behind the registers... looking at me, and calling my name! While lecturing my self in my head: "NO! No more plushy-pos. I know, it looks cute but be strong." Then I hear my self say: "Excuse me, is that hippo for sale?" In my head: "Please say no, please say no, please say no..." Obviously, to no avail. I think that Barns and Noble lady was part of the plot too, because she gave me this beaming smile and said: " Sure, isn't she cute?" Oh well, the only thing left to do was admitting defeat by an adorable looking hippo, with pink feet, a shiny bow and a tutu. You will agree, there are far worse things in life. I decided to call her Terri, after my new friend I was about to meet, just a few minutes later. Spending a day seeing new (to me) parts of the city, enjoying beautiful weather and great company (of two wonderful Terris, mind you!) I could not be happier. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


A few Christmases ago, my friend gave me a very pretty looking leather hippo. On its label it says: Züny, (which means: Funny Zoo, please have a look at this website and blog: and read more about this company and its wonderful products). A rather funny story is added to this hippo, about a year later. At one point, my friend showed me a photo of a large leather hippo (Hippo Doorstopper, the big brother of this Hippo Paperweight). She and her husband saw it during their visit to a trade show in Bangkok - Thailand, and of course had to think about me. A few days later, my friend and I decided that we had to plan a trip. My friend wanted to show me this beauty and I wanted to find out where they would sell it. And then, we looked and looked and looked... but did not see any hippo. My friend had forgotten to take a picture of the booth number, because she had been too occupied with the hippo (couldn't blame her!). Finally we found the place... only to find out that the vendor had already left... At least there were some signs left, so we had to remember "Züny", so we could Google it at home. Dear Divya, still missing you so much. The motto of the Züny company is: Make your life funny & easy. That is exactly what you did to all of us... make us laugh and make us forget any troubles or issues we might have, while in your company. Still have to get myself that doorstopper one day :-).